Custom Engineered Heating Solutions

We are dedicated to fostering long lasting mutually beneficial partnerships built on trust and quality of our products and services. It is our mission to be the most trusted provider of quality heating solutions throughout the world. Our experienced engineering team has the knowledge to provide you a heating solution that will best fit your needs.

History of SJH

Founded in Kaohsiung, Taiwan in 1965, SJH has been committed to producing heating solutions of the highest standard for over 50 years. This has established SJH as a industry leader.  In the late 1980's, SJH inaugurated the first plant in China (SJEH). In 1990, SJHI was established in the new city of Xiamen. At the end of the decade, SKH was opened as the third plant in China and the second in Xiamen. Coming in Fall of 2021 SJHT, the fourth facility will be manufacturing in Tijuana, Mexico.

History of SJH, Inc. Heating Element Manufacturer
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We hold many quality and design certifications including UL, CQC, IAF, VDE, IATF and ISO 9001, 9002 and 14000. 

Reach out to your sales associate for more info regarding our factory certifications.

Meet the SJH USA team...

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Lima Huang


Howard Wang

General Manager


Dan Bright



Bryan Bradburn



Keith Huff



Thomas Bright



Luis Castellanos



Janet  Zheng


Vicky Wu


Committing to a Sustainable Future

SJH has made a commitment to sustainability through annual targets and goals to reduce emissions and our carbon footprint at every SJH facility. It is our duty to provide efficient and environmentally friendly products to the market. Being responsible stewards of valuable resources also means helping our business partners accomplish these similar ecological goals.

◀︎ Left: This is our solar power initiative at our SJEH facility, producing 1,299,186KW annually.